July 2, 2012


1. THE MYTH: We will ignore you for the rest of your life if you say "Bless You" after we sneeze.


REALITY: The phrase has become such a common phrase of courtesy that I, at least, will not defriend you on Facebook if you say this to me. I mean, I find it nice to know that people care that I have survived a life-threatening sneeze.












2. THE MYTH: We forget to brush our teeth at night


REALITY: Well, because this asker wants a serious answer to his incredibly serious question, I will give him one. Our lack of religion does not remove our hygenic standards. So to answer your question (and please try to contain your shock): many atheists, myself included, actually do brush their teeth before they go to bed.


3. THE MYTH: We loathe Christmas time, as it is an important religious holiday that we cannot miss.


REALITY: For me, at least, I view Christmas as more of a cultural holiday than a religious holiday. It is true that the Christmas trees, lights, and songs are everywhere when December comes around, but in my eyes, I view the festivities as a symbol of national merriment and family togetherness, rather than a purely religious holiday.













4. THE MYTH: Atheists eat babies.


REALITY: Again, our lack of religion does not decrease our ethical or moral standards and cause us to compulsively eat babies, babbies, kids, or children. Actually, as a matter of fact, I too agree that eating babies is indeed disgusting and immoral.


5. THE MYTH: All atheists try to shove their beliefs down any non-atheists' throats.


REALITY: Some do-- but most don't, and most legitimately respect other people's religious beliefs. Just because an atheist does not share the same belief as another person does not mean that he or she is trying to change that person's beliefs. In many cases, this article included, us atheists trying to get others to see that atheists are not immoral, unethical, ignorant human beings, and that they are not that different from any other person. To those who have come across an atheist who has aggressively opposed your views, please do not think that we all want to challenge your opinions. I would take an open-minded believer over a closed-minded non-believer any day.

by Katie L.

5 Atheist Myths Demystified

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